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I'm Ryan Polselli, a Breast Imaging Radiologist. Welcome to my site!

Ryan Polselli's Bio:

Ryan Polselli is a physician currently residing in Palm Harbor, Florida. Although born and raised throughout most of his early childhood along the coast of Florida, Ryan moved with his family at a young age to Alaska, where he  developed an appreciation of the unexplored frontier and admiration for the talented "Bush-pilots" that flew to the most remote places of the state. This experience later transformed into a life-long dream to become a pilot.


After graduation from high school, it was this dream that prompted him to join the United States Navy. While in the Navy, Ryan attended the Naval Academy Preparatory School and graduated first in his class. Shortly after graduating from college, Ryan fulfilled a life-long dream and obtained his pilot license. Ryan recieved numerous awards throughout his military career, but he is proudest of being elected by his peers as the Honorman for his class, an award given for his exemplification of integrity and honorable character. 


After serving in the military, Ryan decided to pursue a new found passion, medicine. Ryan attended medical school at the University of South Florida's Morsani College of Medicine. While in medical school, he conducted animal research on dichloroacetate aimed to reduce traumatic ischemic reperfusion injuries in limb threatening injuries, specifically for wounded soldiers. He was awarded the superior presentation award for his work and presentation which was given at the 32nd annual meeting of the Military Society of Vascular Surgery.


Ryan Polselli graduated with honors at the top of his medical school class and went on to complete his residency in Diagnostic Radiology at the Emory School of Medicine in Atlanta, Georgia. Throughout his 4 years at Emory, he developed an interest in cancer detection and treatment. Upon completion of residency, he completed an elective 1-year fellowship in the field of breast imaging at the Winship Cancer Institute to help detect and treat those with breast cancer. 


Ryan Polselli previously worked as the Director of Breast Imaging at the Breast Center of Memorial University Medical Center in Savannah, Georgia. While at Memorial Hospital, Ryan worked with Breast Surgery and Radiation Oncology and earned the department the designation as a Breast Center of Excellence (BCOE) from the National Accreditation Program for Breast Centers (NAPBC). 


As a breast imager, Ryan takes pride in practicing not only the science of medicine, but also the art of medicine. He believes that being a good breast imager entails not only scientific knowledge and good clinical acumen, but insight into the greater context of each patient by understanding social and psychological factors--the so called art of medicine. He believes this is the key to the most successful treatment and takes the time to understand these factors when helping each patient.


This patient centered approach has enabled Ryan to identify several opportunities for improvement in the patient breast cancer screening and treatment experience. In addition to clinical practice, he has begun working on innovative technical projects designed to make the patient breast cancer screening and diagnostic experience safer and more comfortable. He recently obtained two provisional patents for medical devices he anticipates will reduce medical errors once adopted into everyday practice.



Ryan Polselli's Experience:

  • Director of Breast Imaging, Memorial University Hospital at Atlantic Radiology Associates

  • Breast Imaging Fellow, Winship Cancer Institute at Emory Healthcare

Ryan Polselli's Education:

  • Emory University School of Medicine

    Doctor of Medicine
    Concentration: Diagnostic Radiology
  • University of South Florida College of Medicine

    Doctor of Medicine
    Concentration: Medicine

Ryan Polselli's Interests & Activities:

In his spare time, Ryan Polselli enjoys flying, the great outdoors, and travel.